carlalimegreentopcroppedIt’s time to put the fun back into Health and Fitness!  And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to have fun while getting healthier? It is serious work, after all. Especially, if you have yet to embrace a lifestyle of good-for-you choices. Wherever, you are on your journey, know that you’re not alone.  With me as your guide, I hope that you’ll find that loving the skin that you’re in is not only doable, it’s essential (like the air that we breathe) to your health and well being.

As a Virtual Health and Fitness Coach, I discovered my true calling when I finally learned how to dig my self out of a trench of bad eating habits, solved my low energy crisis and gave my high levels of stress the boot.  It dawned on me, that if I could do whatever it took to dispel all the self limiting beliefs that held me down with a little discipline and the right resources, I could most definitely show other women the same. In fact, I’ve made it my mission to empower women to see the same truth for themselves- that life begins when you move out of your comfort zone and tap into your greatest power: believing in yourself!

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  1. marcieb08 says:

    Hi, Carla. I found your website. How inspiring! I’m also a health and fitness coach, and struggle with my weight due to arthritis and diabetes. I’d like to keep in touch with you. 🙂 Marcie Booth


    1. cardifit says:

      Hi Marcie! Always great to find another like minded soul! Yes, let’s keep in touch! Do you have your own blog or site for me to check out?


  2. Carolina says:

    Its incredible how much your life changes when you start to pump blood through your veins and get yourself moving. I wish more people could see how invigorating it is. Its a lie that we age and theres nothing you can do about it. You keep yourself as young as you want with physicle fitness. Its great that you show that to people Cardi!

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    1. cardifit says:

      Thank you for your insight, Carolina! As a Health and Fitness Coach that is our charge to help people dispel misconceptions on how we are supposed to age! Being intentional with your level of fitness not only helps to retard aging but it also keeps you feeling productive, focused and full of life! Thanks for the love!


  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Carla, it’s Nancy

    I don’t know if you remember me but I sat next to you in that first class at Sachem library a few months ago. We had the giggles for most part of the class.
    I visited your website recently and your instagram has some nice inspirational messages on there.
    So I’m just passing through to say hello to you and that your website is looking good. That teacher would be proud! Go wordpress!!


    1. cardifit says:

      Hi Nancy! Of course, I remember you! Thank you for your very kind words. How is everything coming along with your website? I would love to check it out once it’s ready for the big unveil! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


      1. Nancy says:

        I haven’t created a website yet. I’m just not ready yet, but in the near future yes, I will keep you in mind!!
        Glad to see things are going well for you!


      2. cardifit says:

        Don’t wait too long to get started! Remember, done is better than perfect! Do you remember, keemstar? Lol.


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