Taking Care of Yourself is Everything.

IMG_8841Taking care of yourself is everything.

It is such a simple and powerful truth that some of us ignore because we are afraid to make changes in our lives. And that’s okay. What’s not okay is to ignore the tiny, consistent messages that your body gives you when you feel run down. It’s not okay to subject yourself to showing up to a job that takes from your beautiful soul all it’s vibrancy without having a reservoir to refill your cup from. When we keep ignoring these signals we can become so bothered, so uncomfortable by them, that’s when the honey badger in us comes out. (And, if you’ve ever seen just how hell bent a honey badger is in getting what she wants, it’s not pretty!)

So what’s a tired mom who’s ready for change to do? She must take action and trust in the process. The key to all of this is she must believe. To believe whole heartedly, means letting go of any past experiences of failure while reaching your health and fitness goals. This is not about reliving old hurts. This is about revitalizing who you truly are!

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