What Making Pancakes Taught Me About Life

I totally stink at making pancakes!  I’m so bad I smoke up the entire kitchen! You see, you may know me as Cardifit, but around these parts, (a.k.a the kitchen) I’m known as the Pancake Slayer.  I kill pancakes like nobody’s business!  But, the truth is I really don’t want to be in that kind of business.  Pancakes make me happy!  I just didn’t know how to make them go from batter to fluffy goodness, without scorching and tearing them apart in the process.
I could blame my left handedness for such dismal results but, I won’t! That’s because I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. Quite honestly, I never really put much attention into how I prepare them. So yesterday, when I found a delicious pumpkin pancake recipe, I let my heart’s desire take over the fear of failure, my reputation had created within me.  pancakeslayer360Even though, in better judgement I should’ve asked my hubby to make them, I told myself, “No! You are going to make them!” So after preparing the batter and heating up the pan, I got to work! I butchered most of them them but, at least I got 2 decent looking ones in the process. On any other given day, I would have continued to resign myself to the guilt of unintentional pancake slaughter. But yesterday, was a different kind of day. As I sat down to eat my botched up creations, I was determined to try again the next day to get better results.
Today I had a defining moment where I told myself, “Enough is enough!” So with great care (and a lot of time- maybe a little too much!) I made these same healthy pumpkin pancakes from scratch and I did not kill any of them!!!!  And while I am ecstatic about my accomplishment, you are probably wondering, why is this so important? They’re just pancakes, right? Well, yes and no. Yes, because they are indeed a popular breakfast food but no, because these pumpkin pancakes represent my own ability to change self perception. Up until today, I believed I didn’t know how to make pancakes and I resigned myself to that “reality.” All I really needed was to pay a little more attention to what I was doing in the process.
Learning a new life skill is much like making pancakes for me. You may convince yourself that you are not good at some thing and you may truly believe that until you tell yourself, otherwise! And look what you can accomplish with a little patience, practice and non-stick cooking spray! Yes, go ahead and discover what the non-stick cooking spray could represent for you (in a metaphorical sense) and apply that toward a new life skill that you have up until today told yourself you were not good at! If I can learn to make pancakes, you can certainly learn how to dance, drive a car, style your hair, practice self- care regularly, fly a plane , learn a new language or do whatever else your heart desires! The possibilities are endless! Does this hit home with any of you? If so, I’d love to hear what “pancake killing” skill you are going to work on starting today!

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