You are Power & Magic.

Did you know that the only variable in your own success is YOU! You have all the power and magic within you to make great things happen for yourself. How to harness that energy, you ask? Here are some tips.

*** Identify what goals you want to achieve and commit to them.
*** Develop a plan to achieve your goals. Implement it, Revise, and Repeat as necessary.
***Be consistent in your efforts. Consistency is what will develop the good habits that will get you the results that you want!
*** Share your ideas with others. Don’t be greedy with your plan. Practice a belief in COMMUNITY over competition. This attitude will create the positive energy that you need to help your ideas go from just a plan to a certain reality!
*** Put your heart into EVERYTHING that you do. People will notice and they will follow your lead. People are afraid of stepping out of their own comfort zones or to try something different. When they see that you are totally rocking your goals, chances are they will develop the courage to follow.
*** Practice KINDNESS towards yourself and others. Remember, you are on a wonderful journey. One bad day does not equate a bad life. 

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