The Original Fitness Muse- My Mom!

    My mom, Marisa Morales, is a true example of someone who lives her life to the fullest by actively pursuing her dreams and following her interests. In fact, all my life I have watched her accomplish her goals and strive to improve herself continuously.  She also instilled upon us healthy eating habits from early on. I remember we could only have soda on the weekends when we had company, and we never ate sandwiches with white bread (because she “hates it!”).  She made sure we ate all our veggies. Even when we tried to spread the green peas over the plate to avoid eating them, my mom would scoop them back up into a pile and tell us to finish them! She introduced us to ground turkey from early on and even though it took a while for my young taste buds to like it as a child, I prefer ground turkey to ground beef any day, now as an adult.
  There would always be a healthy snack in my lunch box. Now, I’ll admit as a child I didn’t appreciate this so much because I always wanted what the other kids were having- chips and processed cake foods. Even when I would protest and try to get her to buy me these unhealthy things, she always stood her ground and told me that was unhealthy and not good for my growing body!
My mom was also the one to introduce us to Yoga and I vividly remember the fun we had trying to imitate the poses and mouth breathing exercises she would do. It never felt like “exercise” because my mom would revel in our amusement and encourage us to be silly with her! I am thankful for all those memories and all those teachings because I believe it has helped me value the importance of taking care of myself and my body.
Recently, I had a chance to talk to her about all these memories and we reflected upon her admiration for Adele Davis. For those of you who don’t know, Adele Davis was a noted nutritionist in the 1960’s and 1970’s. She was an advocate for unprocessed foods and vitamin supplementation. In that conversation, my mom’s words echoed what Adele Davis once said. “As I see it, everyday you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.”  So today as in every day, I choose to start my day with healthy habits that include having a healthy breakfast ( I never miss it!) and exercising for 30 minutes a day. These practices frame my mind and my day for success!

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